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Mildura Flowers

Do you want fresh flowers in Mildura? Sarah’s Flowers can deliver the best, today.

Way up high in the north west of Victoria is the awesome town of Mildura. We don’t think there’s a finer place in which we would have the pleasure to deliver our beautiful arrangements to, and it looks like a growing population of 30,000 agree with us. Mildura might not have the stunning coastline that so many Australian cities brag about but you do have the mighty Murray River giving a rich fertile soil just perfect for growing grapes, and where there are grapes there is wine! It also means our flowers are pretty spectacular and we adore sharing their magnificence with residents and businesses around Mildura on a daily basis. You’ll find us crafting and delivering sumptuous bouquets six days a week, offering a same day service for those who just can’t wait to get their hands on our goodies.

If you want to get advice about what flowers are best for your particular occasion, or what blooms are looking particularly delightful this week, we’re the ones to call. Mildura residents know that Sarah’s Flowers is synonymous with top quality. Hey, we like to lark about as much as the next person but when it comes to the business of flowers we’re completely focused on retaining our standards. We source our flowers directly from the finest growers and suppliers, aiming to use only recently sourced flowers. We check every stem for maximum health and vitality before incorporating into the handcrafted arrangement of your choice, delivering it when you need it and not a moment later.

It isn’t simply the sublimely fresh condition that distinguishes a Sarah’s Flowers bouquet and sets it apart from the rest, it’s the way our arrangements are designed to showcase every bloom to perfection so you get full floral bang for your buck, the way we offer a same day service even if you order as late as 2pm (or 10am on Saturday), and the way we take our inspiration from the seasons so you always have access to the most stunning blooms when they are naturally most impressive and abundant. Whether you’re ordering flower delivery to Mildura for Mother’s Day, an anniversary, birthday, to show sympathy or send a “get well” message, or simply to brighten the day of someone you care about, a glorious arrangement from Sarah’s Flowers expresses your emotions with breathtaking beauty and clarity. We can take your order up to a year in advance and deliver right around the wider Mildura region, including to hospitals and nursing homes. Why not make today the day you reach out to someone special?